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“Cannabis consumers have been targeted and monitored for decades,” said Joseph Gilmore, president of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council. “To require body cameras on legal cannabis deliveries is an invasion of privacy and perpetuates the false notion that marijuana attracts criminal activity.”

The commission this week wrapped up a public comment period on draft regulations that would allow independent delivery companies to bring pot from brick-and-mortar marijuana stores to residential properties across Massachusetts — though not in the dozens of municipalities that have banned retail pot sales.

Cannabis Control Commissioners Shaleen Title, Britte McBride, Steven Hoffman, and Kay Doyle listened to testimony on Wednesday. If the agency gives final approval in September, marijuana deliveries could start within months.(Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)

If the agency gives final approval to the plan in September, deliveries could start within months, after eligible entrepreneurs — at first, only participants in the commission’s social equity and economic empowerment programs could apply — clear an application and background check process.

Operators, however, would immediately confront a long list of rules, including requirements that each delivery vehicle be staffed by two licensed workers and equipped with a GPS tracker, multiple cameras, and permanently installed lockboxes for cash and marijuana. They would also be barred from purchasing products cheaply in bulk from cultivators and wholesalers, forced instead to buy smaller quantities of marked-up marijuana products from retail stores as customers order them.


Consumers, meanwhile, would not be eligible to place delivery orders until they first visited a marijuana store and presented their IDs in person as part of a “preregistration” process.

Critics are concerned that the body-cameras and other rules will scare off both entrepreneurs and consumers.

“At some point, expensive and onerous regulations like body cameras will threaten the viability of these

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