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Door-to-door marijuana delivery? Marijuana cafes?


New Jersey is inching toward becoming the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, though a vote this year on a bill to make the drug legal is nearly impossible.

The final day of voting in the State Legislature this year is Monday, and it appears the bill has become mired in Trenton gridlock, with Gov. Philip D. Murphy and Stephen M. Sweeney, the Senate president, struggling to round up enough votes to pass it.

Still, the legislation will likely form the backbone of how New Jersey moves forward to legalize recreational marijuana.

While a groundbreaking companion bill that would clear the criminal records of many people with drug offenses has captured headlines, the rest of the 152-page bill is a compendium of various measures from other states that have legalized the drug.

Here’s a look at some of the notable proposals in New Jersey’s bill.

Marijuana right to your door

What this means: Door-to-door cannabis delivery, like Domino’s pizza, but with strict rules and menu items like Blueberry Kush and Sour Diesel.

The fine print: Despite the tangled and often congested mess of highways in New Jersey, not everyone owns a car.

So to make the drug available to more people, the bill would allow delivery. But ordering marijuana requires a lot more paperwork than ordering two pepperoni pies.

Customers must have documentation proving that they are 21, the legal age the bill would set to buy cannabis products.

To offer delivery, retailers would have to be approved by the state, vehicles would have to have working GPS systems, every delivery would have to be tracked and meticulously logged.

Drivers could not deviate from their delivery routes except to get gas, to rest or if roads are closed. Cars could not have any markings indicating they are

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