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Does a two-year study mean other states will pass Nevada by in the race for cannabis tourism? And, what, exactly do lawmakers and police say they need to study? 

Support comes from

Chuck Callaway is a lobbyist for Las Vegas Metro Police. He said the biggest concern for police is that industry doesn’t rush into building lounges without addressing safety concerns.

“I think we do it slow and we do it the right way, so that we’ll have a standard that is top notch across the country and it will benefit our economy and benefit tourism and not have a negative impact on public safety,” Callaway said.

Some of the challenges he sees with consumption lounges include how to keep the air clean for employees, how employees can spot an impaired person and stop that patron from driving, and how to keep black market product from being used in the lounge.

One of the solutions to that issue is to have dispensaries and lounges connected, which allows patrons to buy product at the dispensary then walk through a connecting hallway to use the product in the lounge.

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom helped get marijuana legalized in Nevada while in the State Senate. He is a strong supporter of allowing lounges and believes they are needed in a city that bills itself as a place for tourists to have a good time.

“We have hundreds of thousands of misdemeanors created every month based on the current law because we are encouraging people to come here, purchase it, knowing full well that there is nowhere they can use it in Clark County,” Segerblom said, “and if they took it back across state lines or got on an airplane then it’s a felony. You’re breaking federal law. It really is an incoherent policy and a

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