Why I'm working to decriminalize sex work in Nevada by 2024 | Russell Greer – Reno Gazette Journal

This opinion column was submitted by Russell Greer, executive director of A Safer Nevada.

Late in June 2021, after registering with the Nevada secretary of state, I officially launched a political action committee to decriminalize sex work in Nevada through ballot initiative, with a goal of getting onto the 2024 state ballot. The name of the PAC that was formed is A Safer Nevada. We have the support of many sex work organizations and we are growing in size as a PAC. We plan to begin collecting signatures by March or May 2022.

As residents of Nevada, we are in the unique situation of having legal forms of prostitution, which occurs in rural brothels, while in the cities, prostitution is illegal. Many praise the brothels for their safety record of preventing deadly diseases (and I must admit: many brothels have cool decors). However, the current situation does not work at all and that’s why I’ve decided to change the system with my PAC by decriminalizing sex work in all of Nevada.

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