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Cuomo Administration Leaked Sexual Harassment Accuser’s Personnel File to Press: Report

Aides to New York governor Andrew Cuomo allegedly leaked the personnel file of a former staffer to the press after she accused the governor of sexually harassing her in a series of tweets in December. According to The New Yorker, a group of current and former Cuomo staffers decided to release the personnel record of Lindsey Boylan, the former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to the governor, after she said Cuomo had sexually harassed her “for years.” “Many saw it, and watched,” she wrote in a tweet. The report says senior aide Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi, and former secretary to the governor Steven Cohen, worked to squash Boylan’s accusations “in real time” and decided to expose the record, which included allegations that Boylan had bullied colleagues, some of whom were women of color. When Boylan’s allegations surfaced, the Cuomo administration was already facing a brewing scandal over its mishandling of nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic and the alleged coverup that followed. “The decision was made collectively,” a source reportedly told the magazine. “That these are facts, the reporters should see them.” Former Cuomo communications director Rich Bamberger, an intermediary who says he was not on the calls, reportedly called a number of reporters and encouraged them to reach out to the governor’s office. Azzopardi then reportedly sent Boylan’s personnel files to reporters. Stories about the complaints against Boylan appeared in the Associated Press, the New York Post, and the Albany Times Union. Cuomo aides then began contacting people who had worked under Boylan, according to reports, and also considered releasing a letter attacking Boylan’s credibility and reputation, though they decided against doing so. “My life was, you know, for a period, destroyed,” Boylan

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