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The beach at Lake Tahoe will be a popular place in the coming weeks, especially on Fourth of July. Bill Rozak | Tahoe Daily Tribune

Whether on the water or the beach this Fourth of July weekend, local, state and federal authorities will be on the lookout for bad behavior and scofflaws.

Throughout the Stateline casino core area, Zephyr Cove and Nevada Beach, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Nevada Highway Patrol will have increased patrol personnel on duty, as well as in Carson Valley, to handle calls for service and traffic enforcement, particularly targeting speeding and intoxicated drivers.

Patrol boats from all the jurisdictions surrounding Lake Tahoe, including Douglas County’s Marine 7, will be on the water this weekend.

“The July 4th weekend means an increase in boating activity on Nevada’s waters,” according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. “Unfortunately, it also means an increase in drinking related accidents as well. That’s why game wardens from the Nevada Department of Wildlife, along with law enforcement agencies from across the state, will be out in force this holiday weekend targeting boaters operating under the influence as part of Operation Dry Water.”

“Boating is a great way to spend the 4th of July weekend,” said Nevada’s Boating Law Administrator Capt. Brian Bowles. “But drinking and boating is a recipe for disaster. Our job is the safety of everyone on the water, and if you’re putting people in danger by drinking and boating you could be leaving the lake in handcuffs.”

Open containers of alcohol are prohibited at Nevada Beach and are subject to confiscation for destruction and could result in a citation or arrest.

There are lots of ways to wind up in jail as a result of bad behavior over the holiday weekend.

“Incidents which will most likely result in

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