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What are two of the biggest, most revolutionary trends in the world right now?

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I’m absolutely convinced that the right investments in the trends I describe below will return you over 10 times your money over the coming years.

You’ll be hearing about them A LOT from me.

Without further ado, here they are …

Legalization of Marijuana

By now, you’ve surely heard the big picture case for investing in marijuana.

In 1937, the federal government made the sale and consumption of marijuana essentially illegal. But in recent years, “weed” is now being decriminalized across the U.S. and Canada. Businesses and consumers are responding …

In 2016, sales of legal marijuana in North America totaled $6.7 billion. In 2017, those sales increased 37% to reach $9.2 billion.

When you consider that sales of coffee in America last year were $48 billion, you realize that the legal marijuana market has an enormous amount of room to grow.

In fact, the legal marijuana business is set to grow so much over the next 10 years, I believe it will turn out to be one of the three biggest investment opportunities of your entire life, no matter when you were born. The opportunity in legal weed is much like the opportunity Internet stocks offered in 1994 … or that Bitcoin offered in 2015.

Just in the past few years, the adult usage of marijuana was legalized in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine, and medical marijuana programs were either created or expanded upon in Florida, North Dakota, Montana and Arkansas. Today there are 3 states that have legalized medical marijuana and 10 where recreational use is allowed. In October 2018, recreational marijuana use was legalized in Canada.

When you factor in the potential legalization of marijuana in markets outside

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