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With more and more states legalizing — currently 33 for medical, 10 for medical and recreational — Nevada’s legal weed laws might not be your only draw to Las Vegas, but if you’re visiting and are a cannabis connoisseur, know that your experience here will be a properly Vegas one. Our dispensaries are numerous, sometimes pricey, and often extravagant. Here are a few things to know before you go, especially if you’re from out of state or popping your dispensary cherry. (Or click to jump straight down to our dispensaries list.)

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Medical vs. recreational: Out-of-state medical cards are accepted in Nevada, which typically means cheaper bud and faster service (just bring all your paperwork). Some places are recreational only, though, and our list below highlights the best recreational picks. As with restaurant menus, online dispensary menus tend not to be up-to-date with current inventory, so if there is something very specific you want, you may want to give them a call first.
You can get delivery, but take heed: Online ordering and delivery is available for most places, but only a few are 24/7. This is mostly a cash-only business, though some places will take bank cards and most have ATMs on-site. (Think of it like the strip joints many of these places are close to — strippers don’t take plastic!) For delivery, you must have exact change in cash, and also be aware that you can’t order Mary Jane right up to your room, as it’s illegal to deliver to hotel resort-casinos. You’re also not supposed to smoke it in your room or anywhere in public but that rule has gone up in the cloud of pot smoke that now hovers perpetually over the Las Vegas Valley.
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