Whatever happened to the promise of pot cafes in Alaska? – Anchorage Daily News

The only business in Alaska where you can watch a football game inside, order a smoothie and spark up a joint is in a former Chili’s restaurant in Fairbanks.

“We have groups of people coming in to watch basketball, watch rugby, watch the Olympic wrestling team, and smoke a doobie,” said Brandon Emmett, one of the owners of Good Titrations, which operates the state’s lone cannabis cafe.

And it is a cafe: The lounge offers a full coffee and restaurant menu, and “just so happens to sell marijuana,” Emmett said.

Though Good Titrations had other cannabis ventures up and running already, the lounge didn’t open until April 20 of this year. Getting to that point wasn’t easy. Emmett said the business spent around $375,000 modifying its building to meet all the requirements spelled out in state rules governing on-site consumption, including a costly air filtration system.

All across the state, entrepreneurs and businesses have spent years hoping to ultimately open pot cafes where cannabis

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