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As non-inhalation cannabis consumption gains popularity, especially in light of COVID-19, more and more Nevadans are turning to edibles, whether it’s for relief, relaxation, or wellness benefits. But eating or drinking cannabis will give you a much different result than vaping or smoking it.

“Edibles are absorbed into your bloodstream differently, which is going to affect you differently for a longer amount of time,” explains Aaron Nino, production manager at CAMP and 8|Fold, both available at Nevada dispensary, The+Source.

“We want people to understand these products and be comfortable with them,” says Nino. “This is what’s in your product. This is how we make that product. And this is why it’s safe. So, it’s extremely important for us to educate consumers on how these products are made.”

Photo: Samantha Blankenship

Nino has been in the business for about 15 years, and along with his teammate and collaborator Paul Ortiz, Nino has plenty of knowledge about consuming edibles in Nevada. You can ask always them questions at The+Source—but here’s a little general advice.

With edibles, start by taking it slow

Photo: Samantha Blankenship

When you smoke or vape, you know how cannabis is affecting you almost instantly. With edibles, it takes longer, although exactly how much longer depends on your metabolism, what you’ve already eaten that day, and whether you’re ingesting it orally or sublingually.

Before you know how a product will affect you, be patient and start with a teeny-tiny dose.

“Take it low and slow and try not to rush the experience,” advises Ortiz. “Your edibles are going to kick in around an hour or two before you’ll start to feel the

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