What we know about Missouri traffic stop were Greenville man shot, killed, two arrested – Greenville News

A Greenville man was shot and killed by a police officer in Missouri after a traffic stop uncovered nearly 160 pounds of marijuana stuffed into a rental car.

Johan Quintero, 22, of Greenville, was a passenger in the Cadillac Escalade in St. Charles County, Missouri where the driver of the SUV pulled into a gas station for a police stop Thursday.

Police had pulled over the rental car for speeding on a 65 mph highway when officers smelled marijuana and began to interact with the driver and two passengers, St. Charles County Police Department Chief Kurt Frisz told The Greenville News by phone Friday.

Quintero, a passenger, reached into his waistband and appeared to reach for a handgun. A officer tried to grab Quintero’s arms and brief tussle ensued until Quintero broke free. Ultimately, the officer fired several shots at Quintero, striking and killing him, Frisz said. No officers were injured and the driver and second passenger of the vehicle were also not injured.

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