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With the laws surrounding cannabis — both marijuana and hemp — constantly changing, confusion for cannabis consumers arises when it comes to traveling to and from states where weed is legal. This is especially true when it comes to flying with weed. 

Cannabis consumers should empower themselves with an understanding of the laws and regulations concerning cannabis so that they can consume weed legally and fly safely. First and foremost, that means knowing that marijuana possession is illegal under federal law. 

Consumers need to know that if they walk into an airport, they can be walking into federal jurisdiction territory or land overseen by airport police in local jurisdictions. Even states with adult-use markets do not all have cannabis-friendly airports. Weed purchased by consumers in a legal cannabis state must be consumed in that state, as each state only controls the laws within its own borders. Additionally, cannabis isn’t allowed on any type of United States federal property because it is still illegal on the federal level, and has been prohibited since 1937

This is all to say: Flying with weed is complicated. So here’s what travelers should consider regarding flying with weed in the United States.

The TSA Isn’t Looking for Weed, but if They Find it…

When it comes to cannabis, the perspective of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been yes, it is illegal but no, agents do not look for it. On May 4, 2019, the TSA stated that its agents do not prioritize marijuana searches, but if they find your stash, they will treat all cannabis products, including flower, edibles, or capsules, the same way they treat any illicit substance. The repercussions vary, depending on the state.

The TSA’s current policy on medical marijuana states: “TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other

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