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Now that you’ve gotten all that 4/20 excitement out of your system, it’s time to talk about April’s second most exciting annual pot topic, what the killers are growing this year.

While there are a lot of people growing great pot in California, this list is dedicated to that heat heat heat. Across the list, you’ll see a lot of cup winners and thought leaders willing to share a glimpse of genetics they’re excited about. And while we imagine some of these rockstar cultivators are keeping a few of their cards closer to the chest for harvest season, we’re still thrilled to be able to give you a peek at what they’ll be working on.

Apart from the farmers, someone who has great insights into what the legal operators are getting ready to grow is Dan Adler-Golden of Node Labs. Node Labs produces thousands of elite disease-free cuttings every month that are then further propagated by commercial nurseries into moms that become tens of thousands of cuttings a month for farmers.

Adler-Golden reviews Compound Genetics’ Summer 2020 Phenohunt results at Node Labs.

“Dudes are super stoked on Horchata this year,” Adler-Golden told L.A. Weekly. “There is going to be a lot of Horchata. That’s great. That’s partially due to us. The other one is Cocoa Pebbles, as well as Motorhead. You’re also going to see quite a bit of Watermelon Mimosa.”

Adler-Golden and the Compound Genetics team chat their favorites from the pack.

Adler-Golden explained some of the new factors

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