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(KUTV) — Come 2019, Wendover visitors and residents will be able to purchase recreational marijuana.

City council members approved the regulation of recreational marijuana in retails sales Tuesday.

Chris J. Melville, the city manager and director of community development, was asked by Council Member Jasie Holm to bring up the issue at the city council meeting. He explained that Nevada vote to legalize marijuana and that the city of Wendover already has a marijuana code in place, since it allows medical marijuana; all the city would need to do is add a sales clause.

The issue was heavily discussed and debated.

Nicolas Flores, a council member, was outspoken about his disapproval for recreational marijuana.

I 100 percent approve medical [marijuana], but I cannot get behind recreational sales.

Whereas others, like Council Member Holm, supported the regulation of the substance, citing that if the city didn’t, they would lose control of situation.

“The state of Nevada chose to legalize marijuana. We as a community have to decide how we address this issue of a new substance being used in our state…. We can do nothing and allow people to grow it in their homes. It’s a trend that’s coming… I believe the responsible thing to do… is it to regulate it from seed to sell.”

After voting to legalize recreational marijuana, Nevada has seen a tremendous uptick in tax collections.

The AP reported that marijuana tax revenues at the retail and wholesale levels generated $8.1 million in August. That is $3.2 million higher than the same month in 2017.

In July, Nevada collected $7.9 million.

Licensed dispensaries and retail stores reported $48.8 million in sales in August, which includes medical marijuana, adult-use marijuana and marijuana-related goods, according to AP.

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