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Welcome to the latest edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Roundup!

The Nevada legislature sent multiple marijuana reform measures to the desk of Governor Steve Sisolak this week amending marijuana penalties for minors, rescinding per se driving thresholds for THC, and permitting consumers to obtain cannabis products via curbside pickup.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) signed legislation into law expanding the pool of patients eligible for medical cannabis access.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) signed legislation into law that includes provisions permitting registered medical cannabis patients who are 21 or older to access medical cannabis flower.

The Colorado House approved a bill seeking to make unnecessary restrictions on medical cannabis access for doctors and young patients.

Louisiana senators voted 62 to 34 to kill an adult use marijuana legalization bill on the Senate floor.

Following are new legislative developments from the past week, and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state, and the NORML blog for regular updates.

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Actions to Take


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, along with Cannabis Caucus co-Chairs Earl Blumenauer and Barbara Lee, and others re-introduced the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act of 2021, better known as The MORE Act. The Act repeals the long-standing federal prohibition of marijuana — thereby ending the existing state/federal conflict in cannabis policies and providing state governments with greater authority to regulate marijuana-related activities.

Contact your lawmakers in support of The MORE Act now


House Bill 1317 seeks to place undue limitations upon patients’ medical cannabis access.

It provides overly burdensome requirements upon physicians issuing medical cannabis recommendations. For the first time ever, it requires physicians to create

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