Weed And Coronavirus: Is My Cannabis Dispensary Open? Can I Order Marijuana Via Delivery? – Benzinga

By WeedMaps‘ Nic Juarez, Hannah Meadows, Karen Getchell, and Lindsay MaHarry, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis.

Since the United States has seen the rapid, far-reaching spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), public health officials have advised social distancing measures to slow down the outbreak. This has resulted in many public places and businesses closing for the foreseeable future.

Which has left many cannabis consumers wondering if they will still have access to cannabis during sheltering? 

Last week, while people stocked up on cannabis supplies in anticipation of dispensaries and delivery services shutting down. As previously reported, data from Headset last week saw “sales of Adult Use cannabis in Washington State were up 23% on Friday, 14% on Saturday, and 33% on Sunday.” Not only were more people purchasing, but the amount people were purchasing also increased by 22% over the previous week.

And while the federal government looks to respond to the effects work stoppage will have on our economy, it’s up to state and local officials to combat outbreaks in their regions by determining which businesses and services are deemed “essential” and where cannabis falls in that estimation. 

It’s still early, and by all projections and models, the U.S. could be practicing social distancing and quarantining measures that might alter our way of life for many months to come. So we put together a guide to whether dispensaries and delivery services are available to you and everything else to you should expect when buying cannabis during the coronavirus.

Is my dispensary still open? Can I do curbside pickup? Delivery?

[Editor’s note: If you’re looking to see what the guidance is from the officials in your region, our WM Policy team has created a resource page that has up-to-date information on which adult-use and medical cannabis states are allowing dispensaries and deliveries to continue. The page

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