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When you plan a trip to Sin City, you probably aren’t looking for a virtuous visit. Most Vegas visitors are looking to get into some kind of good trouble, like playing casino games all night, enjoying sumptuous meals, imbibing freely and generally avoiding their typical responsibilities.

Now that Las Vegas has dispensaries around the Strip, you might also be thinking about picking up some pot, as well.

Unfortunately, while you can find a dispensary in Las Vegas with relative ease, it isn’t so clear where you can consume cannabis legally. Here’s a guide to getting high in Sin City without breaking any laws.

Who Can Buy Weed in Vegas?

Nevadans voted to legalize recreational cannabis on their 2016 ballot, and by July 2017, dispensaries were open and catering to pro-cannabis clientele. Recreational cannabis, unlike medical marijuana, does not require a state-approved license to purchase, possess and consume. However, Nevada does restrict recreational cannabis use to adults aged 21 and over — which is a typical minimum age for marijuana in the U.S. Many dispensaries require you to furnish your ID proving your legal age before you enter, and others will request your ID when you checkout.

How Much Weed Can You Get?

How much weed you can buy depends on the type of cannabis product you prefer. Nevada law allows you to purchase up to an ounce of dried cannabis flower — which is likely way more than you need as a visitor. An ounce usually takes the average cannabis consumer between two weeks and a month to finish, so if you are staying an average of 3-4 nights in Sin City, you won’t need nearly that much, unless you are sharing with a big group of friends.

If you aren’t partial to dried pot,

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