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Many valley residents are wondering why the tax money from marijuana is not helping with education. News 3 has the answer. (KSNV)


News 3 has continued to receive questions about our story on the school district and students with individual needs. We talked about how schools struggle to handle 40,000 kids with individualized education plans and the costs that come with it.

The biggest question we get is where’s the pot money? Wasn’t the cash from legalizing marijuana going to help our underfunded schools?

The state made some $69 million in taxes in the first year of sales, but if you thought that meant our district got a nice check, think again.

Here’s the best way to explain it: think of the school budget like a kids allowance. Your parents, the state, give you $5 a week, but you want $10. So you open a lemonade stand for extra cash and you make $5 in the first week.

You think that you made all your money, but here’s the important part: your parents still say you only get $5 a week. You can get that money from lemonade or from them, but the total doesn’t change.

That is how marijuana money works in Nevada. The schools get a budget. Some of that money can come from marijuana, but the budget doesn’t change.

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