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Covid-19 could cause vape sales to hit the brakes on the product’s road to recovery following last year’s health crisis.

Doesn’t it seem like a more innocent time, when the cannabis industry was worrying about e-cigarette vaping lung injury? Illicit makers of vape cartridges had been cutting vitamin E acetate into the cannabis oil with the tragic side effect that some consumers died.

By February, 2,807 people had been hospitalized for the lung injuries and 68 people died. A result was that an emerging powerhouse of a cannabis category, vaping, was plunged into the abyss of uncertainty. However, as more was learned and it seemed the illicit manufacturers were to blame, vape consumers began to return. Paying for an original, tested brand was a small price to pay to avoid a trip to the hospital.

Now, just as the vape market was beginning to make a comeback, a new study from the Stanford School of Medicine found that vaping was linked to substantially increased risk of Covid-19 in teens and young adults.

“Among young people who were tested for the virus that causes Covid-19, the research found that those who vaped were five to seven times more likely to be infected than those who did not use e-cigarettes,” found the report.

So, what does this mean for cannabis companies who were ready to put the lung injury fiasco behind them and welcome back their vape customers?

A new survey by California-based online shopping company Ganja Goddess took a poll of more than 850 cannabis consumers and found a slight decline in the use of vape pens. The company said, “Prior to the start of the pandemic, 61% of consumers selected flower as the primary way they consumed cannabis; 50% selected edibles, 42% vapes pens and 12% tinctures. During the ongoing pandemic, when

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