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CBD gummies, infused macarons, and many items that will make your pandemic holiday much more romantic…

Image by Maitane Romagosa for Thrillist

If you’ve come looking for CBD lube recommendations, allow me to apologize in advance. That said, you’ve come to the right place for solid Valentine’s edibles recommendations for you and that significant stoner in your life. Top options for special releases around February include new CBD gummies, infused macarons, and a subscription box chock full of goodies that should make your house ridden pandemic holiday much more romantic. There’s also a mix of THC-heavy and CBD-heavy products for folks of all experience levels.

Dose: 5 mg THC per delight (20 delights per package)
Availability: California
A welcome variant of infused gummies, Turkish delights are known for their thick jelly texture, dusting of icing sugar, and herbal and fruity fragrances. The recipe for Rose Delights’ gelatinous cubes came from Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz aiming to capture the flavor of Blossom Bluff Orchards’ Autumn Bright nectarines along with the pungence of muddled juniper berries from the herbalists at Sacramento’s Starwest Botanicals. The delights are cold-infused with rosin pressed out of sungrown flower from Aster Farms, whose badass CEO Julia Jacobson has poured a moat of gravel around her grow operation to fend off wildfires after having lost the farm in the Mendocino Complex Fire in 2018. The collaboration is an ode to the work of sustainable cultivators, award-winning chefs, and the meticulous curation that Rose puts into its products.

Dose: 10mg CBD per gummy (72 gummies per box)
Availability: Most states where CBD is recreationally legal
As a D.A.R.E.-brained kid in the ‘90s, I wouldn’t have believed that Martha Stewart would go on

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