'Uber Eats of cannabis' plans opening in California City, bringing Silicon Valley mentality to marijuana delivery – The Bakersfield Californian

A company that has been described as the “Uber Eats for cannabis” hopes to deliver marijuana products to a market of 13 million people from a base in California City.

That company, Driven Deliveries Inc., is part of an influx of marijuana businesses that have received permits from the California City City Council to deliver cannabis throughout the region.

A total of 10 companies were granted permits for delivery. Two companies, Driven Deliveries and Royal Apothecary, were also granted a permit to open a storefront to sell cannabis products within California City as well as make deliveries.

A total of 16 businesses applied for delivery licenses, and nine applied for storefront licenses. California City officials ranked those businesses on items such as security, business plans, and opportunities for veterans or women.

Driven Deliveries, which operated in California City as Cal City Supply LLC, received the highest score among storefront applicants, and appears to be the largest and most well-established company of all the businesses that applied.

“Our goal is to scale up and get big as fast as possible,” Driven Deliveries President Brian Hayek said in a phone interview.

California City was crucial to that expansion, he added.

Although marijuana is legal to grow, consume and sell in California, local municipalities have the option of banning sales, and many have taken that opportunity.

As many as two-thirds of all local governments in California, including both Bakersfield and Kern County, have banned sales of marijuana products.

However buying cannabis online and having it delivered to a residence is legal under state law.

Outside of Arvin, California City is the only city within Kern County to allow marijuana sales, making the

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