Top Cannabis Stocks To Buy This Week? 3 US Pot Stocks To Watch In October –

Best Marijuana Stocks In The American Cannabis Market

Are you looking for top marijuana stocks to buy while cannabis stocks are down in the market? With the House passing marijuana legalization and banking reform, there could be a catalyst for pot stocks soon. Although the federal government has been slow in making progress with legalizing marijuana many new states have pushed forward. As the cannabis industry continues to grow on the state level leading companies are gaining market share. In 2021 most of the best cannabis companies in the US reported strong revenue growth in their latest earnings.

Many analysts believe the next five to ten years will be rapid growth years for the cannabis market. But it seems without the federal government acting on cannabis reform the cannabis sector continues a downtrend. For the past seven months, the best cannabis stocks to buy have been experiencing declines in the market. As a result, many top cannabis stocks are trading near their lowest price points in 2021.

This has created an opportunity for investors to get into some of the best marijuana stocks now at lower price points for this year. In general, until American marijuana stocks are trading on major US stock exchanges they are limited to a smaller market of investors. Ultimately with federal cannabis legalization and reform US marijuana stocks will be able to move from the OTC Markets to the NASDAQ and NYSE.

US Cannabis Industry Growth Forecast And Top Pot Stocks To In 2021

According to a recent BDSA report forecast, cannabis sales in the US are expected to surpass $24 billion in 2021. In addition, the same report anticipates US sales to reach $47.6 billion in 2026. Currently, there are many cannabis companies positioning to grow with the market. From current trading levels, some pot stocks could have the

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