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Nevada’s groundbreaking move four years ago to legalize cannabis for medical and adult uses already is paying dividends for our state. We answered the growing call for legalization of something that was already in widespread use outside of the old laws and, in the process, created a whole new industry where entrepreneurs can jump in to meet the burgeoning demand.

Although legalization is spreading steadily to other states, nationwide legalization still seems always into the future. But in the meantime, America needs to establish the basis for a strong federal regulatory system to make sure that laws similar to Nevada’s governing cannabis cultivation, marketing and use are in force throughout the country.

Public health and safety must be protected (prohibiting use by young people, for instance, and with strict penalties for driving under the influence). There must be fair and reasonable taxes. Consumers need to know that the content and quality of the cannabis they buy are consistent from place to place — just as they know that a can of beer or a bottle of whiskey bought in Nevada is the same as ones bought in New Jersey. And anyone who wants to participate in the cannabis market must be assured that, as long as they play by clear rules, a potential path to success is open to them.

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