Three Amargosa Town Board seats up for grabs –

For the 2020 general election, residents of Amargosa are instructed to select three of the five candidates listed under the nonpartisan race for Amargosa Valley Town Board.

However, voters should take note that though Esperanza “Hope” Budd had originally filed to run for one of these seats, when contacted to schedule an interview on her candidacy, Budd explained that she had moved to northern Nevada in June and was no longer seeking a position on the town board. Therefore, there is no point in voters choosing Budd as one of their three preferred candidates, as she will not be able to fill the position come January, leaving just four serious contenders for the available positions.

John Bosta

Bosta is no stranger to the inner-workings on the Amargosa Town Board, having been instrumental in the creation of that elected body just over a decade ago. Prior to the establishment of the elected board, Bosta had also served on the advisory town board, the members of which were appointed by the Nye County Commission. Now, he wants to get back into the mix with his main mission focused on ensuring the elected town board, which has been struggling to maintain a full body of five members, does not go by the wayside and that the town of Amargosa’s voice is not lost in the shuffle of everyday Nye County business.

Bosta’s background is in the education industry, where he served as a teacher for the majority of his adult life. Obtaining his teaching degree in 1962, Bosta began his career at a junior high school in Washoe County before moving to California, where he taught for 35 years and then worked two years as a director of education. Bosta then moved back to Nevada, where he finished out his career with a

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