This Week: New Laws, Tracking Emissions, COVID-19 Cases Creep Back – KUNR Public Radio

Nevada lawmakers approved more than 500 bills during the recent legislative session, and nearly half of those new laws went into effect this week. KUNR host Michele Ravera spoke with senior reporter Paul Boger during Morning Edition to learn more.

Listen to this interview from “Morning Edition” on KUNR FM on Friday, July 2.

Michele Ravera: So, what are some of the new laws that went into effect?

Paul Boger: Right. First, let’s talk about the “Right to Return.” That’s probably the biggest one, I think, that will have the largest impact on the state. That essentially guarantees certain workers within the state’s casino and hospitality industry to get their jobs back if they were lost during the pandemic. 

So, essentially, employers with at least 30 employees are required to offer those workers [who were laid off] their position back if they become available … beginning July 1. Those workers had to have worked there for six months before the pandemic, before March 2020, and had to have been laid off because of the economic situation, not because they were a bad employee or they were at fault.

Priority will be given to those employees if a job comes open; that’s going to be under state law. Employees will have a day to accept it. This was a very controversial measure in that it was really derided by the business community. They wanted a little bit more of a chance to get what workers they can. Of course, there’s a huge labor shortage right now. But this was supported by the unions, especially the culinary union [downstate]. So that is one of the reasons why we saw this bill come up near the end of the session. It’s very big right now, in that, it’s rather unique.

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