This new delivery service wants to bring cannabis-infused ice cream to you later this year – Time Out Los Angeles

Both cannabis and food are already rolling their way across the city, but if the team behind Mellow has it their way, Angelenos could get both delivered in one frozen, sweet treat.

The new cannabis brand, set to launch in dispensaries by Valentine’s Day, aims to become the first ice cream company that’s compliant with California’s ever-evolving marijuana regulations, meaning the possibility of one very exciting thing for stoners: weed ice cream.

Before you clear up some freezer space, not so fast: While shelf-stable edibles are legal throughout the state, frozen infused products are another thing entirely, and lack any sort of regulation. It’s a new frontier and until laws are passed—which Mellow hopes will occur sometime in 2021—L.A. will have to wait a bit longer for THC- and CBD-infused pints of ice cream. But starting next month, Angelenos can at least bank on sampling Mellow’s first phase of infused shelf-stable ice cream toppings and syrups to be added to the brand’s non-infused ice creams, or, you know, your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

“When things sit and they’re cold, potencies can change and [legislators] are still not sure how that works,” says co-founder Jesse Bride. “We watch the news with bated breath for things to change because we can’t wait to get our products out, but at the same time, we understand that it’s a safety thing for these states and we’re all just about waiting patiently.”

But Mellow—founded in 2019 by Bride and long-time friend Enrique Gonzalez—is about much more than waiting patiently, and it’s also about more than imbibing for fun. After both entrepreneurs witnessed loved ones endure cancer, and specifically the difficulty in battling pain and consuming food, the two conceptualized a product to help make cannabis more palatable and calorie-efficient.

“We measure our success by different things, and one

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