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Origin House (ORHOF) has been put on the cannabis map in a big way because of the attempt by Cresco Labs (CTST) to acquire the company. This has unfortunately taken the focus off of the actual performance of the company, as uncertainty concerning the deal being approved weighs on the share price of Origin House for now.

The most recent earnings report was a good one for the company, and when coupled with a recent decision by Weedmaps which will result in a significant reduction in cannabis sales in the California cannabis market, Origin House is positioned to benefit greatly from that action.

Cresco Labs acquisition not a done deal

Some investors consider the attempt by Cresco Labs as a done deal, as does management, which has stated it doesn’t believe it’ll fail in getting the deal done.

The C$1.1 billion offer by Cresco Labs appeared to be a sure thing in the early stage of the process, but it wasn’t long afterward that the Department of Justice requested more information concerning the proposed deal based upon the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976.

Why that matters is these types of requests are related to issues related to reducing competition. Even though it’s being spun as not much more than a formality, in fact it could derail the deal and leave both companies as they were before the offer was made.

This is why looking at the fundamentals of Origin House is important, as the assumption should be made by investors that the deal won’t be allowed to go through. After all, some paid a premium price for the company based upon the idea it was going to go forward.

I’m not suggesting it isn’t going to be approved, as I think it has more than a 50 percent chance of being given the

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