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Exclusive Interview with Cann Co-Founder Jake Bullock

The cannabis beverage brand Cann is offering consumers an alternative to alcohol. The company, co-founded by Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, and its microdosed products have attracted attention from well-known investors and celebrities alike. Bullock spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about how Cann’s products are formulated, the company’s distribution and how he sees the beverages category growing. The audio of the entire conversation is available at the end of this written summary.

The Genesis of Cann

Bullock and Anderson have been friends for 10 years. They started at the same time at Bain & Company and found that they shared a growing frustration with alcohol as they got older. The hangovers were worse, but alcohol remained a central element of socialization. Bullock felt that cannabis beverages offering the same kind of buzz were a perfect fit for him as a consumer, and together, the co-founders pursued the idea of putting cannabis into a can.

An assortment of beverage products by Cann

Senior Leadership

The co-founders are joined on the company’s leadership team by talent like Chief Revenue Officer Chelsea Bedard, who spent years working in the technology space. VP of Operations Ishan Kapoor, VP of Strategy Blair Ballard, Head of Marketing Ashley Fields and Director of Special Projects Kui Murage are also key members of the company’s senior leadership team.

Cann has grown significantly over the past year and a half. It started out with 10 to 15 team members in California, and it now has 35 full-time employees across multiple states, according to Bullock.

Members of the Cann Team

Beverage Formulation

Cann’s core product contains two milligrams of THC, and its Hi Boy product

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