This Is How to Make Your Own Vegan Cannabis Butter – LIVEKINDLY

In 2018, the personal recreational purchase and consumption of cannabis was legalized for the mass Canadian (woohoo Canada!). Although there are many ways to enjoy cannabis, the experience that comes with edible cannabis is unlike any other. Edibles are considered a more inclusive and “friendly” approach to cannabis consumption (because eating a cookie is so much more fun than smoking, in our opinion!). From savoury rubs and sauces to brownies, “getting high” no longer requires you to inhale anything. Although effects are different for everyone, edibles also produce a significantly prolonged and heightened effect on the body and mind (up to 10 hours).

As a vegan and gluten-free pastry chef, my priority is to consistently innovate high quality, safe and inclusive experiences through treats. The legalization of cannabis has allowed Canadians the opportunity to produce their own cannabis edibles, which is a huge step forward toward the acceptance of cannabis in our society. However, DIY edibles are not a straight and narrow process, and if you do not have the prior knowledge or experience, your edibles could end up being anywhere from without effect to being seriously dangerous.

Since I am all about inclusivity and safety, I have decided to share my take on vegan cannabutter, which can be used in almost any recipe of your choosing that requires oil. I hope I can help make your experience with cannabis safe and accessible.

A Spotlight on Ingredients

Whether you are plant-based or not, coconut oil is one of the best oils to infuse with cannabis. Its heat capacity is the highest of almost all oils (400 F), does not change consistency or texture when heated (unlike margarine), and best retains the cannabinoids due to having the highest concentration of fatty acids. Other oils like canola or sunflower will work, but

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