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The market for weed edibles is expanding rapidly as more and more states legalize recreational cannabis use. So, maybe it’s not surprising that this week sees the unveiling of Four Loko’s low-key cousin.

Cann, a company that makes cannabis seltzers, has launched a caffeinated weed drink, adding to their line of seltzers. Each 12-ounce can of Passion Peach Mate carries 5mg of THC per can, and it gets its bonus caffeine punch from mate tea. The company says “think the better-for-you, alcohol-free version of a Red Bull vodka.”

“Within other social drink categories, there are almost always a variety of caffeinated versus uncaffeinated options,” co-founder Luke Anderson tells Thrillist. “The vodka Red Bull, the espresso martini, regular versus herbal tea… the list goes on. Non-alcoholic options like the Kin Spritz leverage caffeine as an active ingredient to promote lively and energetic conversation. THC-infused drinks to date have largely been uncaffeinated, and we hope to push the first of many that popularize a nascent set of caffeinated options.”

In Cann’s drinks, there are 2.5mg and 5mg THC options, keeping the dosage relatively low. That’s the same idea behind the caffeine content, Anderson says. “It’s important to keep the caffeine mild just like we do with THC, so that drinkers are able to check in with how they are feeling and decide whether or not to increase in intensity on either side. By letting it sit at roughly the same level as a single shot of espresso it showed zero impact to anxiety in consumer testing relative to the non-caffeinated Canns.”

The new release is, for now, only available in California, exclusively through Sweet Flower and Airfield Supply Co. locations in Southern California and San Jose. Though, Anderson says that Cann at large is currently available in California, Nevada, Illinois, and “most of New England.” He adds,

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