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Exclusive Interview with Nabis Co-Founder and President Jun Lee

Nabis is a technology-powered, third party-cannabis distributor serving the California market. Co-Founder and CEO Vincent Ning spoke with New Cannabis Ventures in 2018, and Co-Founder and President Jun Lee provided an update. He spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about the Nabis network, expanding beyond California and creating a different kind of distribution model. The audio of the entire conversation is available at the end of this written summary.

The Nabis Team

Lee has a background in technology. He studied computer science in college and worked at Facebook as a software engineer after graduating. Lee and Ning, friends since they were teenagers, had their first experience in the cannabis space as delivery drivers. Interested in the growth potential in the industry, they launched Nabis.

The Nabis team has grown since 2018. Notable additions include Brian Dewey, the former Vice President of Sales at Kiva Brands, and Will Brophy. Dewey is now the company’s Head of Business Development, and Brophy is Head of Operations.

Nabis Team Members

California Market Reach

Nabis serves both brands and cannabis retailers. It currently represents more than 100 brands and ships to more than 1,000 retailers. Buddies, PLUS, Dosist, Nug and Sundae School are among Nabis’s brand customers.

Nabis Works With Many Cannabis Brands, Including PLUS.

Nabis distributes approximately 9 percent of all legal cannabis in California, an annualized retail value of about $250 million, according to Lee. The company has two warehouses (one 26,000 square feet and one 20,000 square feet in size) and a fleet of 55 trucks.

Serving Brands and Retailers

Nabis serves as an end-to-end solution for cannabis brands. It picks up products, warehouses and delivers to retail stories. In addition to delivery, the company handles collection and accounts receivable management. Retailers

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