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Marijuana stocks have been the hot topic of the stock market for quite some time now. In only a couple of months to a year or so, pot stocks have moved from being a niche space to one of the most prevalent markets of the modern day.

One of the key reasons for this has been the entrance of new legislation that reflects what the public wants to see. With so much support for cannabis companies, the marijuana stock market has continued to outperform other industries. As we continue to move into the near future, it looks like cannabis could continue to live up to the hype.

A Marijuana Stock for an Alternative Market Play

CLS Holdings USA (CLSH) is one of the most diversified cannabis plays in the whole of the industry. The company has been operating through a series of subsidiaries such as its Oasis Cannabis dispensary located in the Nevada market.

One of the main reasons for their continued success has been the success of the Nevada cannabis market overall. The company has also stated that they have heavy plans to move into other states as well.

CLS Holdings has made it their mission to continue innovating in the marijuana market. The company has stated that they operate in everything from licensing operations, processing operations, processing facilities, product sales, brand creation, and consulting services. Additionally, their commitment to extremely high quality and consistent products has helped to being them to the top.

A Big Announcement For CLS Holdings

The company recently put out an announcement sending waves throughout the whole of the marijuana stock market. CLS Holdings recently announced that they have entered into a letter of intent to acquire In Good Health, a dispensary serving medicinal patients out of Brockton, MA.

The agreement

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