The Woman Advocating For Communities of Color to Benefit From the Cannabis 'Green Rush,' One Glass Pipe at a T – Jezebel

Image: Courtesy of Kristina Lopez Adducci

Kristina Lopez Adduci, the Jersey-born Puerto Rican founder of a cannabis accessory company called House of Puff, has long believed in the usefulness of cannabis, and she has built her business to highlight the beauty of it. Adduci started the company shortly after she had started smoking cannabis for the first time and she was unable to find beautiful, feminine “cannabis accessories” to smoke out of. “The problem was that I was smoking out of these phallic pipes that they sold in the head shops down in St. Marks,” Adduci said on a call with Jezebel, referring to the street in Manhattan. “I was a well-to-do New York art collector, I’m not smoking out of that.”


Thus Adduci worked to create accessories that catered to herself and her friends, fellow art lovers who were interested in something beautiful but also functional. But Lopez’s business is merely the entry point of her larger work in the cannabis space, which is to seize on the decriminalization of cannabis and push for it to be nationwide. Moreover, Adduci wants to see the people who have been most negatively affected by the government’s at-home war on drugs, Black and Latine people, become the industry’s greatest beneficiaries. Adduci was adamant that through grassroots efforts and legislation the cannabis industry “can lead to generational wealth” for Black and Latine communities.

During the 2020 election cycle, the clear winner across a number of local races was cannabis. In total, five states—Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Mississippi, Montanavoted for legislation that would allow for the use and possession of recreational cannabis without fear of arrest and prosecution, joining states like California and Colorado. While this was a legislative win for cannabis lovers and salespeople alike, the

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