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Monday March 29, 2021 marks day 57 of the 120-day, biennial session of the Nevada Legislature. Here are a few bills and events we’re tracking this week. Please be advised that schedule changes can occur at any time. This report will be updated every weekday morning and as new information becomes available.

Monday March 29, 2021 – Day 57 of 120:

8:00 AM – The Assembly Committee on Judiciary will hear AB40, a bill that will the law regarding the use of cannabis and operation of a motor vehicle. This bill appears to remove a per se blood THC level from being used to judge cannabis intoxication.

The committee will also hear AB402, a bill that would enable a citizen to record the activities of police officers and retain control of that recording.

8:00 AM – Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor will hear SB248, a bill that would change provisions regarding the collection of medical debts.

8:00 AM – The Senate Committee on Finance will hear SB233, a bill that would make  an appropriation for allocation to the Nevada Health Service Corps to obtain  matching federal money for the purpose of encouraging certain medical and dental practitioners to practice in underserved areas.

9:00 AM – The Assembly Committee on Government Affairs will hear AB220, a bill that would require each law enforcement agency to adopt a written policy establishing standards of conduct  for the  use  of  mobile  devices  by peace  officers employed by  the law enforcement agency.

The committee will also hear AB236, a measure that would revise the qualifications to become the Attorney General to include that the person is a member of the Nevada Bar Association in good standing.

9:00 AM – The Assembly Committee on Ways

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