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David Daniels

It’s been almost two years since Nevada dispensaries opened their doors to recreational cannabis users. In the first year, sales smoked expectations with a total of $69,759,783 in wholesale and retail taxes collected from purchasers. And it looks like this year’s sales will produce even more revenue and tax dollars. With five months of data left to compile, the state of Nevada Department of Taxation already reports a total of $55,990,991 collected in taxes during the 2019 fiscal year. The numbers indicate one thing for certain; Nevadans of all different kinds are consuming cannabis. It also seems the stigma associated with marijuana is lessening.

During a recent private event called the High Sierra Smokeout, attendees packed into Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor, 71 S. Wells Ave., to listen to music and get high in the venue’s large concert hall. The event drew adults of all ages. From favorite strains to biggest stereotypes about smokers, we asked some of them to share their thoughts on pot with us.

David Daniels

Do you have a favorite local dispensary?
I do. I like RISE.
Where’s your favorite place to hang out while on cannabis?
I like Jub Jub’s, actually. Or, you know, down by the river is cool, too. The River District is awesome.
Tell us about the first time you got high.
I was 15, I think. We actually smoked it out of computer paper. We ripped up a piece of computer paper and rolled it up. It was pretty crazy.
What’s your favorite way to consume?
Just a joint.
What’s your favorite music to listen to when you’re high?
Stoner doom metal.
What’s your favorite movie or thing to watch when you’re stoned?
I like conspiracy documentaries.
What’s the best thing you’ve cooked while high?
I’ve got to think here. I’ve cooked all sorts of things. My favorite edibles right

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