The Trojan Horse in Wyoming’s marijuana legalization bill – WyoFile

The House Judiciary Committee’s vote to move House Bill 209 – Regulation of marijuana to the floor finally exposes the medical marijuana myth. 

Let me explain. HB 209 is an 85-page document that, if passed, will allow full legalization of marijuana and retail sales in the state. For an unknown reason this bill is modeled after a Virginia bill that just passed a few weeks ago and is scheduled to be implemented over the next several years. In other words, an untested blueprint. 

It would also make Wyoming the first state to legislatively go straight to full legalization without the Trojan Horse intermediate step of legalizing medical marijuana first. According to WyoFile, a marijuana lobbyist, Christine Stenquist, acknowledges Rep. Jared Olsen’s (R-Cheyenne) bill takes a stride beyond the usual decriminalization approach, which is to start with a baby-step of medical authorization. “This is a retail bill,” she says.

Of the 30 plus states that allow some type of medical marijuana, all but one state’s measure was accomplished by public referendum, not legislative action. The marijuana industry has targeted mostly those states that allow a public referendum because they have not had success getting laws passed through deliberative legislative bodies. The referendum process bypasses informed debate. Of those states now allowing medical marijuana, over a dozen have been subsequently successfully targeted to allow full retail marijuana, again accomplished by public referendum.

The medical marijuana myth has been shown to be the successful gateway to full retail marijuana, hence a Trojan Horse.

You may ask how this medical marijuana Trojan Horse relates to HB 209. Well, the sponsors acknowledge this bill may not pass, but it was passed out of the Judiciary Committee saying it should be brought to the floor for more debate and possible amendments. It’s a classic negotiating technique to

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