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Mike Tyson hasn’t had a professional fight since 2005, but the strength in his handshake suggests the former boxing champ still packs plenty of power in his fists. Yet Iron Mike is focused on another sport these days.

Melted into the pillows of a couch, he was watching the U.S. Open. His daughter is a serious tennis player and Tyson often brings her to watch the pros in person. “We just left this place,” he said without shifting his eyes away from the TV.   

Tyson was hanging out in a second-floor office at The+Source, a dispensary in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nevada, where the “baddest man on the planet” also owns a home. The 53-year-old is about to head downstairs for a public appearance to celebrate the release of his Tyson Ranch cannabis products at a growing number of dispensaries in Nevada.

Until now, the line was exclusive to the Planet 13 cannabis superstore, where it quickly became a top seller.   

Tyson Ranch isn’t a vanity project. The brand operates under Ranch Companies, founded by Tyson and CEO Rob Hickman. The once-menacing boxer is a daily fixture in the El Segundo, California, headquarters and actively involved in business operations. Signature products include Dwiink, a bottled, cannabidiol (CBD)-infused beverage with a name that plays off Tyson’s famous lisp; and The Toad, a strong indica strain that tests at nearly 37% THC and

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