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Two out of three Americans say marijuana ought to be legalized.

Ten states — Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Vermont — and the District of Columbia have already ended the archaic and unsuccessful prohibition on the drug entirely. And dozens more allow its medical use.

As a result, 66 senators now represent states where federal marijuana laws have been repudiated in the state legislature or at the ballot box.

Given all that, it’s pretty clear that marijuana reform, if not outright legalization, is one of the few issues with broad bipartisan support across the country.

So what’s the holdup at the federal level?

Why has this issue gained seemingly no traction in Congress or the White House?

I think you probably know the answer: corporate interests.

See, I’m assuming you know what everyone else in this country has come to realize, which is that lobbyists, not voters, dictate the laws of this country.

And there are two very powerful lobbies keeping marijuana away from the public — destroying lives and costing this country billions of dollars in the process.

The first is the pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, in addition to engineering the opioid crisis in this country, Big Pharma has also sought to shield its profit margins from medical marijuana.

A recent study released by the scientific journal Health Affairs shed some light on why that is…

Turns out, prescriptions for painkillers and other drugs fell sharply in the 17 states with a medical marijuana law in place by 2013.

In medical-marijuana states, the average doctor prescribed 265 fewer doses of antidepressants each year, 486 fewer doses of seizure medication, 541 fewer anti-nausea doses, and 562 fewer doses of anti-anxiety medication.

And most strikingly, the typical physician in a medical-marijuana state prescribed 1,826 fewer doses of painkillers

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