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The day of the US midterms is upon us, and the world is watching to see whether Democrats will be able to break Republicans’ stronghold on Congress. But voters will also be making a lot of important decisions at the state level, weighing proposed legal changes that could affect everything from reproductive rights to minimum wage. Here are a few of the most important topics on the ballots:


Today, voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah will vote on whether not to expand Medicaid to cover lower-income Americans, an option provided under the Affordable Care Act. In Montana, voters will decide whether they want to keep the expansion that legislators approved in 2015, which would be funded by a tax increase on cigarettes.

Home care and reproductive rights

Maine voters will vote on an initiative that would provide free at-home care to the elderly and people with disabilities, via a 3.8% income tax hike on households making over $128,400 a year. 

Meanwhile, voters in Alabama, Oregon and West Virginia will be considering multiple initiatives that would affect women’s access to abortions. In Alabama, Amendment 2 would alter the state constitution to”recognize and support the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children, including the right to life.” Reproductive rights groups say the change would effectively give fetuses constitutional personhood. 

In Oregon, Measure 106 would prohibit publicly-funded health care programs from covering abortions. And in West Virginia, Amendment 1 seeks to change the state’s constitution to say that there is nothing in it that “secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.” Meanwhile, Nevada’s Question 2 could eliminate taxes on sanitary products.


Voters in Michigan and North Dakota will vote on whether to legalize recreational marijuana use, while in Missouri, Utah and Ohio, the drug could become

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