The Light Dep Cannabis Report: Sierra Nevada – L.A. Weekly

For our third installment of The Dep Report, we head east to the Sierra Nevada foothills where the first light deprivation grown harvests (deps) of the season have looked heat.

While not as famous internationally as some of the previous locations we’ve covered in The Dep Report, make no mistake about it, the cannabis coming out of this higher altitude cultivation center is top notch.

My own caregiver lived in Grass Valley for years. There she grew insane quality deps and full sun. Her OG deps would hold up to the highest in the market to this day. But unfortunately, over the years she would lose some crops to smoke and fire; an all too common story for cultivators in the region in the past. As this year’s fire season begins to heat up, the same issue continues to present itself.

To get perspective on this round of deps we reached out to the team at Sierra Nevada Cannabis Co., as the company represents the top of the food chain for legal cultivators in the region. But there are a lot of trappers crushing it too.

Mochi Gelato

Sierra Nevada Cannabis Co. first got on our radar when Kalya Extracts started washing their fresh frozen material to make world class hash. If the world champions of hash are willing to run your material with the limited time they have in a day, it must be heat, especially because it has to check every box in the cultivation process. In addition, the genetics must be able to produce enough hash to be commercially viable.

I’ve already seen Sierra Nevada Cannabis Co’s first round of deps for

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