The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it opportunities for eating, drinking, and making merry, – mg Magazine

The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it opportunities for eating, drinking, and making merry, not to mention gift-giving. Though the pandemic may put a bit of a damper on get-togethers, food and gift-giving undoubtedly will remain important.

With the right product mix, cannabis retailers can cater to both holiday traditions while they help their customers deal with the double-whammy of holiday- and pandemic-induced stress.


What will consumers seek this year? According to BDSA’s Consumer Insights, edibles will be at the top of a good many lists—for recreation, medication, entertaining, and gifting. Infused chocolate is a perennial favorite, and BDSA data indicate gummy candy and baked goods are popular as well, possibly because they resemble familiar non-infused treats. Sixty percent of edibles consumers report consuming gummies and 46 percent report consuming baked goods.

“Other ingestible products offering familiar form factors are becoming increasingly more common and popular,” a recent BDSA report revealed, noting 8 percent of survey respondents reported consuming chewing gum (up from 5 percent in 2018), and 5 percent reported consuming powdered drink mixes (up from 2 percent). Sparkling and carbonated waters also are growing in popularity, with respondent interest increasing from 3 percent to 5 percent over the past eighteen months.

With the data in mind, we’ve put together a holiday stocking guide to help retailers add sparkle to their shelves and profits to their balance sheets.


AbsoluteXtracts Gummies
Vegan and gluten-free, AbsoluteXtracts gummies combine all-natural ingredients and high-potency, sun-grown cannabis oil. Available in four flavors: Chili Lime Piña (combining sun-ripened pineapple, spicy jalapeño, and lime), mixed berry (notes of wild blackberries, ripe blueberries, and fresh raspberries), strawberry, and key lime. 5mg THC per piece; twenty pieces per pack. California only.


Artet Aperitif
Inspired by fine French and Italian liqueurs,

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