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The Grove is a vertically-integrated cannabis company built on crafting products catered to the complex tastes of cannabis consumers. Their cultivation and production facility are state-of-the-art, featuring an eco-friendly indoor grow outfitted with a Fohse LED lighting system. They currently serve customers at their Southern Nevada dispensaries in Las Vegas and Pahrump, selling proprietary products under the brand Kannabis.

Founder, Owner, and CEO Demetri Kouretas said he started The Grove because of the exciting challenges that often come with entering a fledgling industry and the company continues to flourish.

“We decided to give it a shot and applied for licenses in retail, cultivation, and production, which were given out in a ‘lottery/merit-based’ type fashion. Of course, we were one of the last to ‘win’ the licenses, so tensions were high, but we walked out of there with 2 retail licenses, a cultivation, and production license — and thus began our yellow brick road,” Kouretas told Ganjapreneur. “We currently hold 10 licenses in retail, cultivation, production, and distribution in the State of Nevada.”

The Grove’s success can be traced back to a focus on providing the best service and products possible. To craft their Kannabis line, The Grove has dialed in their 24,000 square foot facility to mimic a natural ecosystem where cannabis flowers thrive. Their team uses all-natural soil and purely natural pest and fungus remediations — there are no pesticides or fungicides used in their cultivation processes.

Fohse lighting systems are another essential component of creating the perfect ecosystem for healthy cannabis plants. Their LED lighting setup simulates the full spectrum of natural sunlight, even creating the same spectrum changes at ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’. Using LED lighting has cut power usage at The Grove by 40% and lowered A/C consumption by half, which reduced their HVAC costs significantly. The cultivation

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