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Rundown Facebook: @TheGroveNV Instagram: @thegrove_nevada Twitter: @TheGroveNV Website: Address: 4647 Swenson St., Las Vegas, NV 89119 Store Hours: Mon–Sun: Open 24 hours The Grove – Las Vegas, NV

The Grove presents itself with a sense of unrivaled expertise and hospitality akin to that of your favorite neighborhood restaurant, owing its expertise to its team of highly trained experts. Providing budtenders with a rigorous training course to ensure iron-clad cannabis knowledge is passed on to patients and the public alike, this dispensary stands a trim above the rest by tangibly conveying pride in their store, staff and their part in this industry as a whole.

The Culture

The Grove’s Las Vegas location is the first dispensary in sight upon leaving the airport and bordering the strip, while an identical sister location treats patients in Pahrump. These locations show that The Grove has honed in on bringing back droves of repeat customers, as well as piquing interest in the new. Inimitable customer service, communication prowess and an unmatched passion for educating the masses, in addition to medicating the masses — CEO Demetri Kouretas and COO Brian Hyun knew what they were doing when drafting up their initial ideas for The Grove on the drawing board. Those concepts have been carefully manifested into a beloved community business model.

The Product

A visit to the franchise’s flagship location, smack-dab (no pun intended) in the middle of Sin City, calls for some serious contemplation over what to order on behalf of your patrons. Utilizing a one-on-one budtending style, The Grove’s staff will strategically guide you to an exact, cherry-picked product, be it one you already had in mind or didn’t know you needed until that moment. From their prided CBD selection to powerful THC edibles for a much-needed mental vacation, The

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