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Artisanal edibles are not your parents’ weed brownies, nor are they the blue raspberry-flavored gummies coated in artificial sugar to mask the taste of cannabis. Now, brands like Rose, Sundae School, and Serra are serving a variety of delicious culinary innovations in the form of Turkish delights, mochi gummies, and gum drops. We’ve reached a new turning point where eating a carefully dosed, gourmet edible feels luxurious.

Gossamer co-founder Verena von Pfetten has a vivid memory of one of her earliest encounters with an edible. She was 16 years old in the parking lot of a venue, tailgating for a Phish concert with a friend when he handed her something called a “goo ball”: peanut butter, oatmeal, granola, and weed. (After the edible made its way through her system, von Pfetten’s night would come to a quick end once she took a hit from a joint later on.) Now that she’s more experienced, von Pfetten is aware that the strength of an edible varies from person to person because of the chemical compounds of the plant. With legalization improving access to information and reliable products, she notes that “[edibles are] a lot of people’s entry point back into weed, even if it was the thing that initially scared them off.”

Unsurprisingly, sales for weed edibles rapidly increased during the pandemic as collective anxiety was on the rise. Given that medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis stores are considered essential businesses, the demand for supply never subsided. Last year, Quartz reported that we were in the midst of a “quarantine-fueled edibles boom” with the edibles category growing by 10.6% in states where marijuana is legalized like Washington, California, Colorado, and Nevada. Now that other states like New Jersey and New York are following suit, the surge will likely continue. Since this time last year,

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