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The first cannabis-focused report including Nielsen (NYSE:NLSN) data is out.

The paper, produced by Nielsen and its new data partner for the marijuana industry, Headset, is titled “4/20 The greenest day of the year: Insights and predictions based on four years of data.” It looks at trends and predictions for 4/20, the international day of pot – kind of the Fourth of July or St. Patrick’s Day for weed.

Unlike previous reports out of Headset, this one includes data from consumer insights company Nielsen. The firm, best known for putting out TV ratings and music sales information, provided numbers that uncovered a comparative view into legal cannabis and alcohol sales during consumption holidays.

According to Headset data, April 20th is the single biggest day for cannabis sales each year, driving at least double the revenue of an average day. Interestingly enough, this year, 4/20 will fall on a Saturday. “Since Fridays are typically the biggest sales day of the week, retailers should be ready for 420-eve as well as the holiday itself,” Headset’s CEO Cy Scott explained.

Adding to these comments, Rick Maturo, associate client director at Nielsen’s Bev/Al and Cannabis Practice, explained exclusively that, “From a Nielsen perspective, there are certain holidays throughout the year that we see a significant lift in beverage alcohol sales. A few holidays that come to mind include New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July and Valentine’s Day.”

He noted, however, that April 20th is not on this list of increased alcohol sales dates. “When compared to cannabis sales on April 20th, we are not currently seeing any significant lifts [in alcohol sales] that mirror the level of elevated sales seen within the legal cannabis space. That said, the lift in legal cannabis sales

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