The Effects of Marijuana on Gambling – Using Marijuana at Casinos –

It’s been almost four years since Nevada authorized the sale and use of recreational marijuana. And since then, the Silver State has parlayed its pot-smoking community into a lucrative source of revenue to fund local school districts

As for the millions of visitors who make their way to Sin City each and every year, they now have one fewer indulgence to consider sinful as they explore the Strip.

On this page, I’ll explore several ways in which marijuana can impact your gambling abilities. This will be divided into two sections: how it could positively affect your gambling results and how it could negatively affect your results when gambling for real money.

How Marijuana Can Positively Impact Your Gambling Results

Before we get into it, we wanted to provide a bit of a disclaimer. While purchasing and consuming marijuana and THC-based products is legal under state statutes, every casino resort in Nevada maintains its own rules and regulations regarding usage on their property. Always be sure to adhere to the casino’s guidelines, which could mean no smoking in your hotel room or on the gaming floor.

Relax the Nerves Before You Hit the Casino Floor

We’ve all been there before, anxiously awaiting our first crack at taking it to the casino with a wallet stuffed full of dollars and dreams.

We’re familiar with the slow ride down the elevator, the long walk through the hotel and into the table game pit… This is when gambling nervousness and anxiety tend to strike for certain players. If you find yourself drying perpetually sweaty palms before you’ve even placed a bet, you know how nerves can impact your overall play and production.

A nervous player who can’t seem to get out of their own head will naturally make unforced errors along the way.

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