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Five weeks ago, we discussed how several cannabis companies lacked focus in the industry and were dooming themselves to mediocrity by trying to be in too many markets without adequate capital. We cited MedMen as a great example, and this week’s news of Acreage Holdings retrenching across multiple markets adds further evidence that empire-building is a risky endeavor.

Several weeks into the COVID-19 crisis, though, we are reminded that those companies with too narrow of a geographic focus may be taking too much risk as well. Take Planet 13, for example. Though the company, which has done a fabulous job in Las Vegas with its 10% market share through a single dispensary, is moving to diversify its current business, that single store is extremely vulnerable to a lengthy hiatus in Las Vegas tourism. Several other companies depend greatly on the Nevada market as well.

Companies that are overly reliant upon the Massachusetts adult-use market are also taking a hit, as the state moved to shut down all non-medical sales. This isn’t the first time the governor there has taken an aggressive move that is harmful to cannabis operators, as the state banned all cannabis vape sales  for three months in September.

This week’s sudden and disturbing news that Ontario had changed its prior view and had removed cannabis retail from its list of “essential services” will hurt Canadian LPs if it persists too long, as that is a big market, even if it is under-served, and it reminds us that companies shouldn’t depend excessively on any

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