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Canna Claus is coming to town.

Image by Grace Han for Thrillist

It’s been a decidedly great year for weed, we’ve had states like New Jersey and Arizona legalize, Congress passed the MORE act which puts another dent into federal prohibition, and dispensaries and other cannabis businesses were designated as “essential” amidst the pandemic. With more patients and general consumers gaining access, that means more products hitting the market, and that means your stoney baloney friend Sean here telling you which brands of edibles to look for on whatever fly-by-night delivery app your friend told you to download. I am here to share my learnings with you young Padawan, walk with me as we look back at the best-infused treats, beverages, and ingestibles of the year.

As always, the factors that make for an outstanding edible are: consistency in cannabinoid content, accurate dosing (with a reliable THC:CBD ratio), freshness, flavor, onset, duration, labeling, and packaging.

Dose: 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per gummie (20 gummies per pack)
Availability: Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania

“I want you to taste the best fucking edibles of your life” — those are Chicago Chef Mindy Segal’s swearwords, not mine. Punk vixen, seasoned chocolatier, James Beard Award winner, and a highly productive entrepreneur; Segal’s true calling was always to bring weed-infused confections to the masses. Her quest for the perfect infused sweet has led her to a partnership with multi-state operator Cresco Labs to produce Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles, a line of decadent gummies that are just *chef’s kiss*.

With options like glazed clementine orange and key lime kiwi, she works with food scientists to channel the intense, fresh fruit flavors of her desserts

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