Texas Among Top States Using Marijuana During Coronavirus Outbreak According To Twitter Data – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

(CBSDFW.COM) – According to geotagged Twitter data gathered this month, it appears more Texans are using marijuana than people in most states during the coronavirus pandemic.

The map below is based on data since March 1, tracking tweets and hashtags about using marijuana, including phrases such as “smoke weed,” “get high,” and all related slang terms.

More than 200,000 tweets were tracked.

(credit: bodynutrition.org)

The southern half of the U.S. has the most activity, with the exception of Michigan, which was the number one state overall.

The top marijuana-using states during the coronavirus outbreak are as follows:

1. Michigan
2. Georgia
3. Texas
4. Louisiana
5. Hawaii
6. Nevada
7. Maryland
8. Delaware
9. New Mexico
10. California

The map was put together by health site bodynutrition.org, using trends software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data.

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