Terry McAteer: Forget Jefferson, now we're in with the State of Greater Idaho – The Union of Grass Valley

Nevada County now finds itself in a move to become a part of the “State of Greater Idaho” instead of the State of Jefferson.

Since the notion of seceding from California and Oregon and forming a new State of Jefferson has not generated much traction since being formed in 1941, the idea is now to join up with Idaho.

This new secession movement has gained national press and will soon be voted on in a couple of Southern Oregon counties. Hopefully, the local State of Jefferson folks will get it on our November ballot!

Ken Parsons, a 72-year-old farmer in eastern Oregon, recently read about the idea in a letter to the editor and became an instant supporter.

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“Annex into Idaho?” Parsons said. “I thought, gee, why didn’t we think of this before?”

After thinking about it for a couple of months and discussing the idea with friends, Parsons conceded that “It’s a simple idea, providing Idaho wants us.” Parsons makes it clear, however, that the battle is not between the left and the right.

“I don’t see this as a Democrat-Republican issue,” he said. “I see it as an urban and rural.”

Idaho Gov. Brad Little is supportive of the idea and said it’s not “surprising” to hear that a group of Oregonians and Californians want to merge part of their states with Idaho in order to flee liberal policies.

“They’re looking at Idaho fondly because of our regulatory atmosphere, our values. That doesn’t surprise me one bit,” said Little.

Now that Nevada County is Idaho bound, we all need to brush up on some important Idaho facts.

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